What HipoDoc offers for dentists?

The professional social network for good physicians, HipoDoc, features and dentists can reflect their professional identity, CV and projects they will be able to share, strengthen their professional solidarity and cooperation. Having a focus group and sharing experience it is possible to say that Hipodoc has created an opportunity to overcome the problem of efficiency which is experienced in the use of other vehicles. Observations show that other tools used in this area are experiencing productivity problems due to their purposeful development. It is also important to be aware of the developments taking place in the field of dentists through the flow, to be able to focus on them, sharing them can be said to be one of the solutions offered in an important issue such as sharing experiences. Reviews

Hipodoc, which enables all processes such as diagnosis, treatment and prescription to be archived as multimedia or input, offers effective solutions to dentists. With branch offices or small groups created in many formats such as cases, articles, questions, messages

It also promises that doctors will not have to worry about this issue with enterprise privacy solutions that allow sharing to be done. Reviews

In addition, the expertise of the dentists can be developed using the microsite feature, with multiple language options, professional environments. Dentists can use this feature to increase their visibility on the Internet, they can share their work. In addition, features such as withdrawing share, stopping publishing after sharing to manage the flow history as desired. Reviews

You can also use the service feature to create and track different areas and groups that you can share with. The service allows users in the HipoDoc to share a specific purpose (branch, sickness or workplace specific) or private areas. Free users can only follow general services, but they want standard and professional package users they can open the service in the matter, they can follow the special services.