What HipoDoc offers for dietitians?

Dietitians can use Hipodoc to archive cases, all the cases they encounter in the pool of experience can be stored in different multimedia formats (photo, video, document). In the area to reach the experiences of his colleagues. They can share their case with other dietitians and doctors. Moreover, they can record all processes such as diagnosis, treatment, prescription, etc. with photo and video support. They can share their dietary lists with their own branch services. Or all these shares by creating small groups groups, and share questions and messages. This case archiving and sharing privacy rules They can walk in and manipulate it.

Dietitians, like all other professionals, should have even more online visibility, perhaps because of their relevance to their workplace. Hipodoc is not only a social network for professionals in this area, but also the work done by dietitians with microsite features, professional achievements to share with the whole world. In addition, multi-language support of micro-site features and their sharing with the world It provides. In addition to all these services, the clinic offers services such as patient, appointment, etc., with the professional package for the clinic, Hipodoc also provides facilities for dietitians in these areas and thanks to the high security system it has developed, it also keeps privacy and security concerns in mind by keeping it in an encrypted form.