What HipoDoc offers for veterinerians?

Veterinarians and veterinary clinics publish cases that they meet, have different experiences and experiences a group that shares much more than physician groups. Particularly interesting are the sharing of the interactive platforms Hipodoc for veterinarians and clinics that they share in a way that makes it much easier to work at this stage. It also provides facilities for free veterinarians in the process of displaying clinical cases. Hipodoc veterinarians, who have been a professional social networking platform for good physicians, (photo, video, document). In addition, cases shared with the Experience Pool feature or articles can be read, questions can be asked, questions asked can be answered and other physicians can be consulted on occasion. Reviews

Veterinarians are also connected with their colleagues, followed by physicians working in similar fields and current developments Hipodoc promises any kind of online service they need about veterinarians. Hypodoc offers the microsite, as well as the expertise of veterinarians, study subjects, publications with multiple language options. CV and professional achievements to colleagues. Thanks to the Hipodoc professional package with different package options and extra features offered by these packages In addition to the standard package for the veterinarians who are in the clinic, the clinic also offers a patient follow-up service. Reviews

Besides all these services, Hipodoc data and security are very important. Veterinarians both meet both encrypting the data and archiving the data traffic. Compatible with all devices desktop, tablet who can use Hipodoc veterinarians with high performance over mobile and for how long as well as the ability to choose what to see. Veterinarians are also given the opportunity to stop viewing the shots they are doing whenever they want.