Is my data safe on HipoDoc?

We care about your data and its safety. It is our priority. Your traffic between you and our servers are encrypted. Other users cannot see your cases unless you want them to see. Any information you have entered into the system remains within the system. If you choose, you can share your special cases with your colleagues or with the communities.

How HipoDoc protects data?

It dooes not matter if you use HipoDoc on your phone or computer, your sensitive data is encrypted by 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard(AES). HipoDoc uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to secure data transfer between HipoDoc app and servers. We make sure none of the data transfer can be seen by third party users/applications.

Are my cases visible to all users?

None of your records are visible by others. Cases are shared with other users or communities only if you want to and they can be only shared by you. Once you have shared, you can stop sharing your case any time you want.

What are the communities?

Communites are formed by HipoDoc users in order to discuss on some spesific subjects. They can be about a profession, a speciality, a workplace or a spesific case. Basic package users can only see and comment on communities. Professional Package users and Clinic Package users can also create and share their own cases on communities too.