HipoDoc | Vaka Arşivleme ve Hasta Takip

HipoDoc makes case records easy and you can access the right records flawlessly.

Be better at your job with HipoDoc.

Recording Cases is Really Easy With HipoDoc


Add photos and videos while you are recording the case.


Find the case by using any word you used in your case record through enhanced search. Update any time you want and add notes.


With just one click,share your records, any time you want with your colleagues.

Create an archive of your cases with the help of images,videos and notes.

HipoDoc offers a case-focused cloud based platform for all medical practitioners and dietitians. Record all of your cases, works and toughts. Share your records with one click with your colleagues if you want to.

Reach your archived cases with any devices, any time you want.

It doesn't matter if you have a mobile phone, pc or tablet. You can see your cases from anywhere with an internet connection. Besides, you don't have to worry about backups. HipoDoc takes care of your archive.

Share your archived cases with professional communities and also benefit from professional experience pool.

Do not settle with only your experience. Thanks to HipoDoc you can learn from others experiences too. You can get involved in professional communities to ask questions, consult or debate on cases with your colleagues.